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A program that allows you to easily run Java apps on 64-bit systems

A program that allows you to easily run Java apps on 64-bit systems

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Program license: Free

Program by: Sun

Version: 8-update-281

Works under: Windows


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Java Development Kit 64 helps you to build and run Java apps when you are on a 64-bit system.

Java Development Kit 64 is the primary program for the Java programming language. If you have a 64-bit machine, this is going to be the program that you will want to download to your computer.

Whenever you are doing programming, you will need a text editor, syntax knowledge, and a clear idea as to what you want to create. You will then need a compiler to interpret and translate your code into something that is comprehensible.

Java is one of the most popular computer languages, and therefore, you will want to make sure that you have Java Development Kit 64 in order to be able to work with the language effectively.

This program is going to provide you with a variety of tools, including a byte code compiler, disassembler and debugger. If you already work with a Java virtual machine, this program is simply going to be an extension of that.

One thing to note about Java Development Kit 64 is that it does not include any kind of graphical interface. This means that you will need to install one of those separately. The benefit to this is that you will be able to choose the IDE that you want to work with, such as Eclipse.

There is a significant amount of online documentation available so that you can use the development kit effectively. However, if you have little to no experience with Java coding, this may be extremely difficult to learn on your own. If you are a coding novice, this kit is likely going to be too intense, and while there are demos and example codes, they may not be enough for you. That being said, if you are an experienced Java programmer, this is going to be one of the most essential coding tools for you to add to your tool box.

Any time you are working with a computer language, you need to have powerful tools at your fingertips. Codes cannot be translated automatically, and you will need a development kit to assist you every step of the way. If you are an experienced user, this may be one of the best products that you can find, and it is free. It is a large download of more than 150 MB, so you will need to allow time to download it and ensure that there is enough space on your hard drive to store it.

There have been no issues or bugs reported with the program, and it has been reviewed very highly. Countless people download this program every month because of the functions that it provides. Even if you are a novice user, you may want to download the development kit to see whether it is going to fit your needs.


  • Features demos and examples
  • Simple interface
  • Large amount of online documentation


  • Graphical environment is in a separate download
  • Beginner programmers may find it hard to use

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